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For over 30 years, Sensors Expo & Conference has been North America’s premier event focused exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems. Join thousands of engineers and innovators in San Jose, California, June 21 – 23, at the McEnery Convention Center to see the latest MEMS and thin-film sensing technologies. Identify new ways to improve products and expand capabilities using MEMS and thin-film sensors.

Visit MMD at Booth #435 at the only event where you can find solutions for your sensing challenges. Explore the MEMS and thin-film sensing fabrication technologies that are driving tomorrow's solutions.

In just three days, attendees can learn about leading technology areas including, energy harvesting, IoT, MEMS, wireless, and wearables.

MMD will be represented by our West Coast Sales Director, Pete Sandow (Phone: 707-507-9291), along with MMD’s Founder and CTO, Christopher Melkonian, Ph.D. Look them up at our booth to find out what we can do to help you in your quest for the next generation of sensor devices using today’s state-of-the-art MEMS and thin-film processing.

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It's Our Round – What Are You Having?

It's winter here in northern Ohio, and we just got done digging out from our latest Mega snowstorm, so I’d say we are ready for a Great Lakes Brewing company Christmas Ale, proudly brewed in Cleveland OH.

Some people may be wondering, what is a MEMS foundry doing in the middle of the country, far from the warm and sunny beaches of California? As part of the world center of expertise in rapid prototyping, Midwest MicroDevices has been in Toledo since 2004, leveraging the knowledge of the great research universities around us. We enjoy an exceptionally well-trained workforce and offer customers access to our materials knowledge, rapid cycle times, and fabrication expertise.

Speed is everything in developing products for the Internet of Things. For the past decade Midwest MicroDevices has demonstrated that it is cheaper and faster to move out of a vertically integrated MEMS lab and leverage our company’s knowledge of materials processing. Our willingness and expertise in working with alternative materials such as gold, platinum, silver, bismuth and antimony, as well as specialty substrates like SOS, SOI, glass, quartz and flexible substrates, helps our customer’s create next generation, cutting-edge MEMS devices.

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The 21st Century Is Being Reborn... In Toledo, Ohio

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL, June 24, 2014 — The 3,000-plus visitors expected at the 2014 Sensor’s Expo opening today are about to get the surprise of their technical lives. The 21st Century is being reborn in Toledo, Ohio by Midwest MicroDevices.

Once a poster child for “Rust Belt” cities, Toledo is being transformed by Midwest MicroDevices into an advanced MEMS design and manufacturing center, thanks to aggressive support by the State of Ohio, technical and financial support by the University of Toledo and its nonprofit economic development agency Innovation Enterprises and, surprisingly, by a substantial investment by and technical partnership with one of the technology crown jewels of a rival state, Michigan.

Why do you care? Because MEMS is the underlying technical enabler of the Internet of Things, an exploding category of diverse interconnected sensors and computers so vast that its commercial value promises to quickly grow to three times today’s US Defense Budget.

Among MEMS medical and consumer benefits are reduced medical care costs and faster and more accurate diagnosis, thanks to pills that are really miniature computers and transmitters that, once swallowed, will provide a sophisticated diagnosis without cutting, probing or radiating the patient.

Another is the reinvention of cars and trucks that will refuse to crash into one another or strike a pedestrian or bicyclist in a crosswalk or on the road. Predator drones will rely on MEMS, but so will freight drones that deliver retail goods to your home. Across all categories, MEMS-enabled Internet of Things is the ultimate fulfillment of statistical process-controlled quality, reliability and consumer value.

“We have watched Midwest MicroDevices for a decade and relied on them as our trusted supplier for our mission-critical sensing products,” explains Robert Toth, Jr., president of Dexter Research Center, the Michigan private company that has just made the largest capital investment in Midwest MicroDevices history.

“Our enriched relationship with Dexter Research Center multiplies the capabilities of Midwest MicroDevices with first-rate packaging design for our advanced MEMS materials and knowhow,” says Christopher Melkonian, Ph.D, founder and chief technology officer of Midwest MicroDevices. “Our capabilities also multiply Dexter Research’s ability to support large and small mobile communications companies with the most advanced data collection and data fusion platforms on the planet.”

For the past decade, Midwest MicroDevices has demonstrated that it is cheaper and faster to move out of a vertically integrated MEMS lab and leverage the Toledo, Ohio company’s unique knowledge of gold, platinum, silver, bismuth and antimony, as well as SOS, SOI, glass, quartz, and flexible substrates, to create the perfect platform for any MEMS-based product.

“Call it the Toledo advantage,” continues Dr. Melkonian. “Famous as ‘Glass City,’ Toledo has 100 years of experience in working with advanced, sensitive materials and the trained work force to lead the world in this enterprise.”

“Our investment and collaboration creates a single-point purchase, turnkey supplier with micro-packaging skills and volume production capabilities,” adds Dexter Research’s president.

“The growth of the Internet of Things presents an exciting opportunity,” Toth continues, “and working with Midwest MicroDevices will make it that much easier for us to be part of it.”

Any animus left over from the Toledo War of 1835–36, when Michigan and Ohio fought over a strip of land that flanked the magnificent natural port on Lake Erie, is over. The cooperation of the two companies adds brighter employment prospects for both states.

The Michigan&ndash:Ohio State football rivalry will continue with all of that war’s historic passion.

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