A Pure-play Foundry for
MEMS and Thin-film Devices
Midwest MicroDevices Class 10 Cleanroom

Back End Processing

Wafer dicing and full-wafer probing are available after completion of the fabricated MEMS device. MMD has experience dicing a wide range of materials, from silicon to glass to ceramics. In addition, we have strategic relationships with key vendors that allow us to offer laser dicing, laser drilling, and micro-abrasion machining. Fully automatic probing is available with wafer mapping and die-reject inking. Semi-automatic probing with custom probe configurations is also available for exotic and/or unusual testing requirements.


  • Wafer dicing
  • Laser dicing
  • Laser drilling
  • Micro-abrasion
  • Wafer probing
  • Die inking
  • Wafer mapping