A Pure-play Foundry for
MEMS and Thin-film Devices
Midwest MicroDevices Class 10 Cleanroom


With MEMS enabled devices, such as “lab-on-a-chip,” the field of biotechnology will drive a transformation of global economic, social and medical systems over the next half century. At Midwest MicroDevices, our scientists and engineers have the education, training, experience and capabilities of our very special MEMS foundry to assist you.

Smaller, less invasive, lower risk medical tools will diagnose patients' conditions and continuously monitor their therapies and response in real time as outpatients wear data gathering devices that upload through telemetry to their physicians' data fusion centers.

Full of promise, supported by growing investments and capital construction, biotechnology has now arrived at the intersection of the Molecular Age and the Internet of Things. For example, there is a growing demand and new opportunities to develop advanced micropumps, sensors, and microneedles for controlled and responsive drug delivery.

Midwest MicroDevices can assist in developing the application of BioMEMS microdevices to support personalized drug therapies and artificial organs, as well as helping to realize new methods to visualize cell communication, such as biosensors, drug delivery, and biotelemetry.

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Biotechnology MEMS can analyze patients' biological samples in vitro for pathogen detection and identification, drug discovery, genomics and gene sequencing and pharmacogenomics. But the work has only begun on this promising area of MEMS-enabled medical devices.

For example, much earlier detection of cancer becomes possible and this will be performed with less invasive and lower risk procedures. Drug therapies, including chemotherapy, can also be monitored in real time with early corrective actions. A woman with breast cancer, for example, will not have to undergo an entire course of drug therapy if her treatment is not working.

Midwest MicroDevices is a dedicated, pure-play wafer foundry providing unique, cost-effective micro-fabrication services for biotechnology customers in MEMS and thin film applications. Our state-of-the-art facility is custom-designed to meet the needs of fast-track MEMS-enabled MicroDevices.

The benefits of MEMS in biotechnology applications are many and include:

Early MEMS medical devices have already demonstrated that they can be more sensitive and robust than their conventional counterparts. A promising future is certain for biotechnology companies that can assist in the development of micro-surgical tools, MEMS driven scalpels, ultrasonic MEMS cutting tools, skin resurfacing tools, medical micro-robots, MEMS microneedles, and smart pills.

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