A Pure-play Foundry for
MEMS and Thin-film Devices
Midwest MicroDevices Class 10 Cleanroom

Furnace Processing

High-temperature processing is performed in fully-automated horizontal furnaces capable of handling batch sizes of up to 100 wafers at a time. SPC analysis is used to ensure run-to-run repeatability and within-wafer uniformity of less than ±3%. Each furnace tube runs independently on its own microprocessor. Software control allows us the flexibility to match furnace recipes to our customers' needs.


  • Wet oxidation
  • Dry oxidation
  • POCl3 doping, n-type
  • Boron doping, p-type
  • Deep Boron diffusion
  • Metal anneal, N2
  • Metal anneal, forming gas
  • Diffusion drive-in
  • Ion implantation activation