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Inertial Sensing

Inertial Sensing, the science of measuring and reporting anything that moves through space or absorbs energy from outside forces, has been in a continuous stream of improvement for decades. And yet, everything that has gone before, from rocket launches to airbag sensors, from automated auto accident reporting via telemetry, and from dynamic measurements for dive, yawl, squat and vibration, may be thought of Inertial Sensing 1.0

The rapid adoption of the Internet of Things has created global demand for Inertial Sensing 2.0 and beyond.

Whether you are tracking vehicles, devices, life forms, or ballistic objects, everything is becoming rapidly wired both for data collection and data fusion within a coherent analysis center. The end customer may enjoy the benefits of a monitored exercise or health program to self-driving vehicles that are unable, by design, to crash into one another. And, of course, there is so much more.

The advanced MEMS foundry of Midwest MicroDevices of Toledo, Ohio is ready to assist materials and capabilities research and help you rapidly move to new products that will take advantage of this business and scientific opportunity.

Download your copy of Midwest MicroDevices MEMS foundry capabilities now.

With ten years of experience supporting the development and production of MEMS and Thin Film enabled devices, Midwest MicroDevices can help you determine which materials and engineering processes will best help you detect and measure acceleration, tilt, shock, vibration, rotation, and multiple degrees-of-freedom while achieving your target product pricing.

Our materials and production experts can assist in optimizing your target primary function, with more effective output type, sensing axis, range, bandwidth, and voltage requirements. And there is more good news. Midwest MicroDevices is built its reputation on being fast in its support of your initial research to achieving a market launch with your first cycle of production completed and on-the-shelf and online for purchase.

Our Toledo, Ohio location enables us to provide full support for the world center for rapid prototype development, which is all around us. We speed your research to help achieve your target product capabilities and then move rapidly through prototype fabrication to mass production.

If your engineers are speaking of concerns about supply voltage (vdd), digital dynamic range, analogue dynamic range, bias over temp, bias repeatability, noise spectral density, bandwidth, operating temp, and/or current consumption, contact us now.

The 2.0 version of MEMS-enabled Inertial Sensing begins with Midwest MicroDevices. Ask us about our other device support across the portfolio that will ultimately comprise the Internet of Things.