A Pure-play Foundry for
MEMS and Thin-film Devices
Midwest MicroDevices Class 10 Cleanroom


MMD utilizes LPCVD and PECVD processes to deposit dielectric thin films with great precision and uniformity. Our fully automated LPCVD batch furnace tubes are capable of deposition on up to 50 wafers at a time with typical within-wafer uniformity of less than ±3%. PECVD processes are performed in a multi-chamber cluster tool with fully automated robotic handling, upgraded with the capability to handle transparent and semi-transparent substrates.


  • Polysilicon, undoped
  • In-situ doped polysilicon, n-type
  • Stress-controlled polysilicon
  • Silicon Nitride, stoichiometric
  • Silicon Nitride, low-stress
  • Silicon Dioxide (DCS/N2O)
  • Silicon Oxynitride
  • Oxide/Nitride/Oxide stress balanced stack


  • Silicon Dioxide (TEOS/O2)
  • LTO (TEOS/Ozone)
  • Silicon Nitride, stoichiometric
  • Silicon Nitride, stress-controlled
  • Silicon Oxynitride
  • Borosilicate glass (BSG)
  • Phosphosilicate glass (PSG)
  • Borophosphosilicate glass (BPSG)