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MEMS and Thin-film Devices
Midwest MicroDevices Class 10 Cleanroom

Making the Internet of Things Possible

Opportunity: Own your share of the next 15% of the world’s GDP
Technology base: MEMS-enabled sensors
Strategy: Optimize and productize your contributions to the Internet of Things.

Information usually travels down familiar paths. Confidential and proprietary information is accumulated in databases, analyzed in static reports, and presented up the management chain. This is how it was done throughout the last century. There is only one problem.

Today, there is no time for senior managers to agonize, like Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play, over what to do about now out-of-date information. And they don’t want to, either. After all, they have glimpsed the future for themselves.

These same senior executives, encouraged by their own reading or by their juniors, have smartphones connected to smart thermostats in their homes giving them remote control over the HVAC system or to their custom-designed health and fitness programs. And while they may brag about this down at their club, the juniors have smartphones connected to a new generation of smart washing machines, ordering detergents and doing their laundry by remote control from car, office, ski slope or the beach.

Predictable paths ways of information are being disrupted on an ever-growing scale. GPS, sensors and actuators are being embedded in your homes, in roads and in your body. These are linked through hot wired and wireless networks that offer the capacity for huge and continuous volumes of data.

At both the strategic and tactical levels, decision-making has moved from reviewing snapshots of the past to intersecting real data flow in real time. We are talking about a new aggregate technology that senses the environment and communicates all change constantly.

Everyone has agreed to call this “The Internet of Things.”

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At the core of the profound change are MEMS foundries like Midwest MicroDevices (MMD). These foundries will lend you on-demand manufacturing capacity and process engineering to develop your MEMS-enabled products. But not all MEMS foundries are the same. The largest MEMS foundries work best with the largest corporate customers, where the complex bureaucracy of both may function in parallel, and where politics smoothes over unmet deadlines and cost overruns.

Midwest MicroDevices exists because the investment and scale of building a vertically integrated fabrication center for one company is a very expensive proposition. The time required by an OEM for the painstaking accumulation of expertise — already acquired by Midwest MicroDevices during its 15 years of operation — is not consistent with brilliant, agile, fast-to-market technology firms, whether they be biotechnology, medical, security, communication, environmental, or navigation and guidance companies. There is no time to catch up. All available time must be invested in forging ahead.

Midwest MicroDevices is distinguished from other MEMS foundries by its shorter path to more successful projects. When you work with us, you are at the forefront of the industry with our MEMS and thin film experience.

In the next 10 years, the market will demand trillions of sensors in every aspect of life. This expansion will come to represent no less than 15% of GDP, an extraordinary figure. The volume is there. The widespread adoption of the Internet of Things ensures a sharp growth curve of demand for all forms of MEMS-enabled devices.

Whether you want to be first-to-market or best-in-class in your share of the Internet of Things, we at Midwest MicroDevices can extend to you our considerable advantages in knowledge, fully equipped facilities, quality, leanness, and a culture of finishing first.

We make the Internet of Things possible.

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