A Pure-play Foundry for
MEMS and Thin-film Devices
Midwest MicroDevices Class 10 Cleanroom


MMD’s g-line photolithography toolset is specifically tailored for MEMS production. Our fully automated line is capable of handling opaque, transparent, and semi-transparent substrates; as well as multiple photoresist processes. A robust, dual-layer resist is used for lift-off processing. Contact, proximity and stepper alignment & exposure is capable of resolving features as small as 0.7 µm. IR backside alignment is used for double-sided photolithography.


  • Positive resist
  • Dual-layer lift-off resist
  • Thick & double-coat resist (4-22 µm)
  • Contact alignment & exposure
  • Proximity alignment & exposure
  • Stepper alignment & exposure
  • Back-side IR alignment & exposure
  • SU-8 processing