A Pure-play Foundry for
MEMS and Thin-film Devices
Midwest MicroDevices Class 10 Cleanroom

Silicon Micromachining

Silicon micromaching is a key aspect of modern MEMS device fabrication. MMD has developed extensive expertise in this area using a wide variety of micromachining methods. An advanced, STS Pegasus DRIE is used for fast, high aspect ratio silicon etching. KOH, TMAH, and EDP etchants are all used for bulk silicon etching and device release. Xenon difluoride is also utilized for fast, isotropic silicon etching and device release.


  • DRIE silicon etch
  • DRIE through-wafer etch
  • SOI handle etch
  • AOE, deep oxide etch
  • XeF2 etching
  • KOH bulk etching
  • KOH pre-alignment etching
  • EDP etch and release
  • TMAH etch and release