A Pure-play Foundry for
MEMS and Thin-film Devices
Midwest MicroDevices Class 10 Cleanroom

MEMS Thin Film

If your company is ramping up to take advantage of the vast market opportunities offered by the Internet of Things, Midwest MicroDevices offers a single-point purchasing center for advanced thin film and MEMS substrate fabrication and development.

Our ability to support your fast track process from research and prototyping to MEMS-enabled, market-ready products makes us a leading choice across the MEMS spectrum, from bioMEMS, medical monitoring, microfluidics, inertial sensing, navigation, and control devices.

Midwest MicroDevices is more than a 15-year-old, highly experienced and well-equipped MEMS foundry. Because we are located in the rapid prototyping center of the world, we represent a world-class knowledge center for the development of MEMS devices and innovative applications with process planning from experimental innovation through full volume production.

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Our ability to deposit thin films of materials and our experience to work across the full spectrum of materials is fundamental to successful MEMS processing. Midwest MicroDevices is experienced working with a wide variety of substrate materials beyond silicon including SOS, SOI, glass, quartz, and flexible substrates, to name just a few. Gold, platinum, silver, bismuth and antimony are not contaminants to us, they’re MEMS building blocks. Our thin film depositions are offered in either chemical vapor deposition or thermal oxidation. We have the equipment and experience to render expert etching and lithography.

And because we work so closely with your scientists and engineers, we are able to add value and accelerated work cycles from product innovation to advanced packaging to medium volume production.

If you are exploring exotic materials as a means of driving innovation and new capabilities, Midwest MicroDevices may well be the MEMS pure-play foundry you are seeking.

For example, piezoelectric thin film is being rapidly embraced by the devices demanded by the Internet of Things culture. We can help you explore and prove out new thin film deposition processes for a new generation of MEMS devices. Our work will also provide you with a platform for integrating PZT for the fabrication of pMEMS that, despite the sensitivity of this material, will help enable you to be ready for production with your new devices.

Are your researchers working on developing transdermal implants for amputees? Enhancing neural function with implanted electrodes? Improving implanted sensors for monitoring blood chemistry and vital signs? Improving drug delivery with implanted devices or external pumps attached to the skin?

We can assist with your development of bio-compatible materials that will also help reduce the risk of infection from implanted devices. Midwest MicroDevices is ready to provide invaluable assistance for producing lab-on-a-Chip devices for diagnosis and therapies. And, like you, we have enormous interest in creating new generations of implantable medical devices.

Ask us about our advanced capabilities to support your thin film requirements in biotechnology, medical monitoring communications, environmental sensing, inertial sensing, navigation and control. Midwest MicroDevices is a 15-year-old company with and combination of facilities, experience and knowledge our competitors don’t have.

We are ready to put this accumulated knowledge, experience, and advanced materials success to work for your engineers today, giving you a head start on the competition.

And, remember, Midwest MicroDevices is a pure-play microfabrication foundry. So your new products will surpass competitors, not create them.

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